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Is ‘A Parental Certificate System’ the future of parenting?

After years of research, Australian philosopher and writer Leo White has finally released his eagerly anticipated book, ‘A Parental Certificate System’. The proposed system may one day change the way our entire human species approaches the paradigm that is human procreation and parenting. The first major hurdle will be to see if White’s findings and recommendations succeed in building a consensus amongst policy makers and the public alike.

As ambitious as White’s overall vision for the future may be, he is nonetheless methodical in his approach towards immensely tough global challenges, such as overpopulation, human rights, parental planning, vaccination, corporal punishment, infant mortality, global migration patterns, and indigenous rights, to name but a few of the topics covered as part of the proposed parental certificate system. However, and as White points out, we can be certain of one fact – a solution to these problems is desperately and urgently needed.

White often describes his work as that of an engineer, or an architect: “I can’t even begin to tell you how many drafts I went through. But the way I look at it is that peoples’ lives may depend on the quality of my work. For example, people who design bridges don’t get a second chance to make them safe, do they”. When asked whether he had any plans to personally lobby for the system, White answered with another metaphor: “My job was to design the bridge, to make it safe and sturdy for people to cross. If my designs are well received, then it will be someone else’s job to build that bridge, and paint it any color they see fit ”.

You may be wondering how much of this book is relevant to an international audience. According to White, our planet is presented with global challenges that require globally applicable solutions. From a strategic perspective, being as inclusive as possible is far from overly ambitious or exceedingly optimistic. Rather, inclusiveness is a genuinely prudent, long-term, and sustainable way of thinking.

There was a time in human history when issues such as human population, access to resources, education, and health; were only ever dealt with by ones’ immediate community. Nowadays, and according to the United Nations Millennium Project, these same issues are now part of the ’15 Global Challenges’ that are considered to be pertinent to our entire species. Clearly, discussing human procreative culture, as well as the culture within which future generations of humanity are raised – should equally be considered as a truly global concern.

Subsequently, ‘A Parental Certificate System’ sets out to tackle some of the most pressing issues that international audiences are undoubtedly faced with at the present moment in time, by discussing subject matter that all of us as a species have a high degree of vested interest in.

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