New e-book edition, as Ian Shine preps for a flood of never before seen releases


Бог не хочет быть одиноким
(God does not want to be lonely)



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Бог не хочет быть одиноким
(God does not want to be lonely)

Австралийский писатель, кинорежиссер, сценарист Ян Шайн родился в советской России, там же, началась его творческая деятельность. После отъезда из СССР Шайн принимал участие в работе над различными проектами в содружестве с выдающимися мастерами театра и кино.

Чтение романов Яна Шайна — посещение синема читальни. Герои его произведений, неизменно полны магнетического обаяния, подчас отрицательного, их характеры многогранны, мысли парадоксальны, а повороты судеб не устают удивлять непредсказуемостью. Просмотр диковинной ленты с элементами исповедальной мелодрамы, психологического триллера, притчи, исторической саги и, наконец, детской сказки, рекомендован широкому кругу киноманов и любителей мистификаций.

Ian Shine is a Soviet born Australian film director, screenwriter, and author. Having spent much of his time working on various projects abroad, he has had the pleasure of collaborating with a magnificent range of standard setting industry specialists, as well as the plethora of brilliantly talented creative minds, to whom Ian seems magnetically drawn.

Historical saga, psychological thriller, melodrama, and parable. Ian Shine’s novels are mostly dedicated to cinema lovers, who will undoubtedly relish each moment in his rich and vivid world. His characters are complex, multifaceted, and at times paradoxical. Their strange and unpredictable twists of fate never cease to surprise the reader until the very end.

New e-book edition, as Ian Shine preps for a flood of never before seen releases

Ian Shine, the Soviet born Australian author, screenwriter, and feature film director, is perhaps only weeks away from several notable and never before seen releases. In the meantime, we are graced (pun intended) with a world first e-book edition of his 2010 work. Written in Ian Shine’s native Russian, ‘Бог не хочет быть одиноким’ which roughly translates to “God does not want to be lonely”, was originally published only in print. The new e-book edition could not have come at a better time as an ever increasing number of readers are choosing to download books to their electronic devices.

In a recent interview, Ian remarked that he felt enlivened by the amount of readers who despite belonging to a younger generation, are nonetheless interested in world class literature. When asked about his opinion on the decline of paper and the rise of e-books, he said, “I’m old fashioned. I enjoy the visceral sensation of pages between my fingers, the nostalgic smell of ink on paper, and the comfort in seeing the binding of an old book as it stands the test of time. But as long as people are still reading quality literature, then I really can’t see anything wrong with how they choose to do so.”

Equally as exciting is the prospect of Ian’s never before seen solo and collaborative works.  His latest book ‘Тревожный дух’, which roughly translates to “Anxious Spirit”, is only weeks away from publication. Additionally, a number of collaborative projects with his friend and mentor, the late Tonino Guerra, a creative and cultural giant of the 20th century, are similarly not too far away from being released for the very first time.

‘Бог не хочет быть одиноким’ (God does not want to be lonely), is available through most major online retailers in a spectacular variety of e-book formats, and is also available in a print edition.

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