Screenplay ‘The Fragrant Land’, by Tonino Guerra and Ian Shine, published for the first time, in 3 languages!


The Fragrant Land


Three (3) Language Edition

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French Edition

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Russian Edition

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Italian Edition

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Screenplay ‘The Fragrant Land’,
by Tonino Guerra and Ian Shine,
published for the first time, in 3 languages!

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the truly remarkable and spectacularly legendary Renaissance man, Tonino Guerra. Tonino Guerra may very well be the greatest screenwriter of all time, and having written well over 100 screenplays, his extensive list of credits on IMBD is ultimate proof that his career was nothing short of prolific. His collaborations with many of the greatest names in cinema history, is further evidence of his gigantic professional stature. In addition, the countless honourable mentions, awards, and accolades, is one final tell-tale sign demonstrating just how fantastically large a role Tonino Guerra occupied in the hearts and minds of movie lovers.

In celebration of Tonino Guerra’s illustrious career, we are yet again graced by his genius in the never before seen masterpiece, ‘The Fragrant Land’, co-written with film director and screenwriter Ian Shine. The elating thought of seeing a finished yet previously unpublished screenplay from the greatest screenwriter of all time — is further amplified by the fact that ‘The Fragrant Land’ is presented to you in not just one, but three unique variations.

‘Terra Fragrante’ in Italian and ‘Земля Благоуханная’ in Russian, were written by both co-authors simultaneously in their native tongues, using an innovative duel language system that hinged almost entirely on Tonino Guerra’s wife Lora Guerra, who’s genius played a pivotal role in the sizeable amount of translation between the two languages. After its’ original completion in 2004, the screenplay was then adapted into French by Isabelle Gerbaud, under the title ‘Terre de Senteurs’. Each of the three versions of ‘The Fragrant Land’ differ in far more ways than the nuances of language alone. Even the scene count across each language varies, with 97 scenes in ‘Terra Fragrante’, 107 in ‘Terre de Senteurs’, and 112 in ‘Земля Благоуханная’. 

In addition to ‘The Fragrant Land’, Tonino Guerra and Ian Shine collaborated on three other projects, including the screenplay ‘Pictorial Photo’, the short film ‘Comedian’, and a libretto for the opera ‘Requiem of Passion’.

Since his time working with Tonino Guerra, Ian Shine has written four plays for the theatre, three screenplays, and two novels. His debut novel, ‘God does not want to be lonely’ (2010), was mostly dedicated to cinema lovers, who would have undoubtedly relished each moment in his rich and vivid world. His latest novel, ‘Anxious Spirit’ (2015), may possibly be his long awaited masterpiece. ‘Anxious Spirit’ is a collection of prose that unravels the very essence of the human condition, as it bears witness to collapse, destruction, construction, and renewal. The use of magical imagery and sublime philosophy elevates the already rich tapestry of meaning to profound proportions. 

Regardless of the medium, Ian Shine continues to create mind bending and awe inspiring content that keeps his fans coming back for more.

‘The Fragrant Land’ is now available for purchase in a spectacular variety of formats.

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